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Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Refrigeration Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy/ Quick recipes
Servings: 4
Total Cooking Time: 50 minutes

Cuisine – Indian
Geography – Pan India/Festival cuisine
Food category – Dessert
Prep time – Medium
Hotness level – Sweet


Bread slices – 5 slices cut into two triangular halves
Sugar – 1/3 of a cup (less than half)
Condensed milk – 1 tin (Milkmaid or Mithai Mate) 400gm
Milk – 1/2 a litre
Cardamom powder – 2 tsp.
Ghee – 10 tbsp
Cashew nuts – 12 pieces chopped
Almonds- 12 pieces chopped
Raisins – 10 number


Cut the sides of the Bread slices. Then cut each slice into 2 triangular pieces

Connect the power cord to ROBOCOOK and switch ‘ON’ button. Press the Sauté́ Button in front dashboard and wait for 30 secs for the inner cooking pot to get heated up.
Add 5 tbsp. of Ghee and wait for 30 seconds so that it melts and warms. Now place the Bread slices. You will be able to place around 5 slices at one instance. Let it roast a bit. Turn the sides of the Bread slices after 1 minute. You will see the Bread slices becoming a bit crispy and roasted.

Remove these Bread slices from the cooker and keep it separately.

Add another 5 tsp. Ghee and repeat the toasting process for the remaining bread pieces. Cool the toasted Bread slices in room temperature.

After this take a dry cloth and wipe off the cooking pot to remove any bread crumbs in the pot.

Add 2 Tsp. of Ghee and roast the Cashewnuts, Raisins and Almonds till it turns golden brown color.Keep it aside once along with the toasted bread once done

Add Milk to the cooking pot. Add sugar and wait till you see the Sugar mix a bit. Now add the Condensed milk. Keep stirring.

Keep stirring as you will see the Milk mix with the condensed milk and thickens in texture. After 5-8 minutes you will see the milk thickened. Add the Cardamom powder and stir. Now switch off the cooker.

Now pour this thickened milk into a separate container and let it cool for 20 minutes in room temperature under a fan.

Pour this milk on the bread slices we had placed separately earlier. Refrigerate it for 20 minutes. You can lighten the mixture by adding more milk.

After 20 minutes, relish the very tempting Luxurious Bread Pudding

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