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Instant breakfast/ dinner recipe indian vegetarian – weight loss – gluten free – Oats recipe

Instant breakfast/ dinner recipe indian vegetarian – weight loss – gluten free – Oats recipe Oats Recipes 1.Oats methi appe 2.Oats spinach muthiya 3 Oats beetroot Dhokla 4. Oats Kheer 5. Oats spinach roti 6. Oats sprouts paratha 7.Oats khichadi 8.Oats apple muffin 9. Oats spinach dosa

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طريقة تحضير مقلوبة الباذنجان النباتية بمذاق رائع Delicious Vegan Eggplant Makloubeh Recipe

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what i eat at university 🍜 quick(ish) vegan meals because im lazy

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