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Dear Families, We are Ram & Valar

You will be watching a day in our life with our Tamil Traditions,

As many of you asked us to make a recipe with country chicken thus today we came up with 2 types of recipes which is Naatu kozhi rasam and country chicken pepper fry

Today morning was started with a cup of sukku tea since we felt little cold and then valar asked me to get the country chicken so I got the country chicken and cleaned it to make rasam and also she asked me to crush the chicken which gives more essence to the rasam so I crushed it traditionally which tastes awesome

Valar prepared all the masalas traditionally by hand to get the village taste of country chicken

After all preparations we had our satisfying lunch with Naatu Kozhi Rasam and Country Chicken Pepper Fry

🌱Also we plant a tree in this video on behalf of you “For us and for our earth against Global Warming”, In upcoming videos we will be planting trees regularly and just imagine these tress are belongs to you🌱

The Traditional Life, Is Happy to share that we are creating “An Organic Food Forest”, As a symbol of Your Love & Support..

Country Chicken Recipes || ft. @The Tiny Foods Ram & Valar || The Traditional Life

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