Hey cousins! For all y’all neck bone lovers out there, I’ve got another must-try recipe for you! https://iheartrecipes.com/pressure-cooker-barbecue-pork-neck-bones/

The Instant Pot is HOT right now, so I made these BBQ pork neck bones using a pressure cooker, but you can make these in the oven or a slow cooker as well!

I love the nice, smokey flavor of this neck bones recipe. It’s also a perfect budget-friendly recipe to make, because neck bones are affordable and you probably have the rest of the ingredients already on hand! It’s a win-win recipe. Make sure to head on over to my blog, IHeartRecipes.com, to get the FULL recipe.

Find the recipe here: https://iheartrecipes.com/pressure-cooker-barbecue-pork-neck-bones/

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Timestamps for Easy Pressure Cooker Barbecue Pork Neck Bones video:
0:25 – This is one of my go-to recipes!
0:37 – We’re making BBQ neck bones, y’all!
0:45- We’re going to put that InstantPot to work.
0:49 – There are many ways to make this recipe.
1:02 – Start by washing the neck bones.
1:09 – Chop an onion.
1:35 – Empty the neck bones into a dish.
1:46 – Pour in apple cider vinegar.
1:53 – Make sure the neck bones are well coated.
2:09 – Cleaning the neck bones is the most important step.
2:24 – Sprinkle on seasoning salt.
2:35 – Sprinkle on black pepper.
2:43 – Sprinkle on the optional red pepper flakes.
2:55 – Pour on liquid smoke.
3:07 – Add in the onions.
3:17 – Rice and greens are my side dish suggestions.
3:48 – Sprinkle in paprika.
4:01 – Toss to coat well.
4:25 – Pour in the BBQ sauce.
4:54 – Make sure the ribs are well-coated.
5:11 – Add as much or as little sauce as you prefer.
5:25 – Instead of using the InstantPot, you could bake this dish in the oven.
5:44 – Load the pressure cooker.
5:58 – Instead of the InstantPot, you could use your CrockPot.
6:18 – Cover the InstantPot.
6:27 – Cook for 45 minutes.
6:49 – Make sure to release the steam!
7:05 – Serve these neck bones with your choice of sides.
7:12 – Dish the neck bones onto a plate.
7:19 – Broil in the oven to add color, if you choose.
8:20 – Sprinkle parsley flakes on top.
8:42 – These neck bones are fall-off-the-bone tender.
9:08 – Drop the fork, these neck bones are da bomb!
9:15 – Check out my blog at iheartrecipes.com

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