Elephant Foot Yam is used to make fry and curries in India. This is an Indian vegetarian recipe cooked occasionally at Indian homes and served with rice and sambar. The video is the preparation of the vegetable in Telugu vantalu.

Elephant Foot Yam
Coriander seeds
Mustard seeds
Chana dal
Urad Dal
Curry leaves
Green chillies
Turmeric powder
Red Chili powder
Gram flour
Coriander leaves


Cut and clean Elephant Foot yam.

Fry Coriander seeds and Garlic on a pan and grind the ingredients to make the masala.

Heat a pan and Oil, Mustard seeds, Chana dal, Urad Dal, Curry leaves, Green chilies, Turmeric powder, Elephant foor yam, Salt, Red Chili powder, Gram flour, masala and Coriander leaves and heat till the yam is cooked.

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