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Full Day of Eating! Vegetarian recipes to gain weight

Hey guys,

In this video I am sharing what I eat in a day to gain weight by gaining mucsle muscle mass.

I have also shared tips on how I managed to increase my appetite so that I can eat enough calories every single day to gain muscle and gain weight.

All meals covered are vegetarian so indulge yourself in all the weight gain recipes and start gaining weight.

Points covered:
– Vegetarian recipes
– High calorie meals
– High calorie snacks
– My current workout time and how it helped me to increase my appetite
– How I spread my food throughout the day

Hope you get some ideas for meals and snacks after watching this video.

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वजन बढ़ाने के लिए खाने का पूरा दिन
volledige dag eten om aan te komen
journée complète de repas pour prendre du poids
dia inteiro comendo para ganhar peso
un’intera giornata di pasti per aumentare di peso
ganzer Tag essen, um Gewicht zu gewinnen

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