Dear Friends, this grilled fish recipe is very easy to make and take only 5 – 6 minutes to cook. best idea for lunch or dinner for all especially for diet conscious people who want to eat low carb diet and maintain weight control. this grilled fish fillet recipe is one of the 5 best recipes that i will show you one by one. please try this seafood recipe and i am sure you will love as it is very flavorful quick and easy to make. You can serve the grilled fish with a nice salad or roasted potatoes, or mashed potatoes or herbed rice. I have used Basa Fish Fillet, you can use same seafood recipe to make Grilled Salmon, Grilled Pomfret, Grilled Perch or Grilled Trout as well. i have seen famous chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor, Vicky Ratnani, David Rocco, Gordon Ramsay cook such grilled fish recipes on TV. I got so inspired by them that i very much follow all the famous chefs and learn their cooking technics.
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