Do you love Oysters? I do! They’re absolutely delicious! However, if you’ve ever wondered how to shuck an Oyster at home, the thought can be a little intimidating!

Not only that, if you try to clean and shuck oysters the wrong way, you could seriously hurt yourself! Today, you’ll learn how to shuck an Oyster easily and safely so you can enjoy these delicacies with your friends and family!

If you’d like to learn how to chargrill your Oysters, keep an eye out for our next video coming very soon!

Eat, Eat, Eat!

Ange xx

00:00 – how to shuck an oyster at home
00:16 – anatomy of an oyster
00:26 – protect your hand with a tea towel
00:36 – insert your knife into the hinge
00:46 – Scrape the top of the oyster
01:04 – remove the lid and scrape the underside
01:17 – flip your oyster for presentation
01:27 – Oyster #2
02:02 – Oyster #3

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