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Cooking Time – 15 Mins
Serves – 4


Grease the Idly Moulds with oil and Pour the Idly batter in the Mould

Fill the inner cooking pot with 3 cups of water and place the batter filled Mould inside the inner cooking pot.

Place the closing lid over the top, Turn and place the Pointer in Close Position. Ensure the lid is firmly closed and Pressure release button should be ‘DOWN’ Position so that the steam gets released.

Press the ‘IDLY’ preset Button in the ROBOCOOK. It takes few mins for ROBOCOOK to do Pre-Cooking internally.

After Pre-Cooking is done the Cooking Countdown will appear and starts down from 15 mins. After 15 mins of Cooking it stops with a BEEP sound and automatically switches to ‘KEEP WARM’ Mode. Press ‘CANCEL’ button if not required.

Now twist and turn the closing lid towards ‘OPEN’ position and remove the lid. Note: Some Hot water droplets will fall from the lid so be safe while opening and handling the lid.

Remove the idly from the Mould with the use of ladle.

Serve the steaming hot idly which best tastes with Sambar and Coconut Chutney.

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