Nihari is a classic Pakistani dish and an ultimate comfort food item. This is a Pakistani beef stew made with a rich curry base. Traditionally, this is slow-cooked with shank meat, bones, and spices for hours. In this recipe, I will show you how to make Nihari in the instant pot aka pressure cooker. Best of all this recipe is completely made from scratch with homemade Nihari Masala. Serve Nihari with fresh Naan and garnish with cilantro, ginger, green chili, and fresh lemon juice. Yum! Check out the instant pot nihari recipe.

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Written Recipe:

Food Notes:
– If you don’t have spices on hand, you may use the shan nihari masala instead.

– You may use boxed masalas as well and follow the same method.

– Use beef shank bones and the knee bone for flavor.

– 2 lbs of beef will take about 30 minutes + 5 NPR. Be sure to check the meat after pressure cooking and add a few more mins (approx 2-5 mins). Depending on the size of the meat, it may take longer to pressure cook.

– Important to separate the tari or oil from the nihari after pressure cooking. The flour slurry absorbs the oil and removed the red rich color. The tari will be added later to add the rich color to the nihari.
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