Traditional Scottish Beef Stew Slow Cooker Method

We love this traditional Scottish beef stew. Its very simple and very much like how Scottish beef stew would have been cooked traditionally. I like to use the slow cooker for this Scottish beef stew as it creates the most delicious melt in the mouth stew and the kids absolutely love it! Its packed with nutritional wholefoods and you can serve it up alongside delicious seasonal vegetables too for an extra veggie boost. I like to serve my traditional scottish stew with creamy mashed potatoes to mop up the beef gravy, stir fried kale fresh out of the garden and a whole head of buttery broccoli. What a treat!

I have used beef shin for this traditioanl recipe as its creates the most delicious stew. My Scottish beef is locally sourced from just around the corner to create this traditional Scottish recipe. We love to support our local food producers and buy so many lovely foodie delights from the local farmers market. I frequently use beef shin for making traditional Scottish beef stew because it just works so well.

The slow cooker works away in the background all day long and you don’t have to worry about whats for dinner in the evening. All it takes is a quick amount of prep time mid morning and putting together a few sides in the evening to serve up alongside your traditional scottish beef stew.

The beef shin and vegetables are literally at melt in the mouth texture once it is ready and my kids just love this. They don’t like tough pieces of meat so this recipe is perfect for families and makes the most delicious tender stew. Even my little toddler loves how tender and melt in the mouth this traditional scottish beef stew is.
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