#YaEat Cooking Channel, we will be #preparing and #cooking together each week with my all-time favorite recipes. Although I have an Italian background and will be mostly featuring #ItalianFood and Italian cooking recipes. I am a lover of all foods and will be sharing my favorite #recipes to make, and to #eat.

When I was a kid, my Mom, Dad, and fellow Italian friends were always concerned if you had enough food to eat, and instead of saying “Did You Eat” with a combination of Italian and North Jersey accents, it was transformed into… Ya’Eat.

My name is David Ciccolella and I have been cooking for over 40 years. I am a culinary graduate and at the age of 22, I was an executive chef at a seafood restaurant in New Jersey.
For many years my family and friends have been asking me to open a restaurant and to share my personal recipes. Instead, I have decided to create an online cooking show to share my recipes and love of food with the world.

1,YaEat, YaEat